Monday, November 2, 2009

October 25 - October 31

My goal is to post my favorites on Sunday, but I only got it about half ready. It's not earth-shattering that it's late, but I do hate to disappoint. (Gee, that sounds totally conceited --- I don't mean it like that. But maybe some of you sweet followers are anxious to see my list....)

Time "fell back" this weekend. I'd love for it to just stay put - for everyone else while I get to move forward at triple speed!

Lots of lovely creations this week - this is just a small snippet of it. Every week I think "I'll just include one more" --- but you know, then it'd be 2 more and before too long it would be my top 100! So I'm forcing myself to limit the list to 10.

Feel free to share YOUR creations or those that you think are just spectacular - a direct link please to insure that I see exactly what you wanted me to see! Anyway, here's my list for this past week. Click the link to visit each creator's blog/gallery and view their creation in it's Full Glory!! And since you're there, might as well leave them a little note letting them know what you think! I can't figure out how to link the actual photo using the new editor in Blogger.

Randi Wall posted this really cute Halloween card. I enjoy Halloween but I'm not super into it. What really caught my eye was the cute and clever way she used the bats and the pom pom fringe.

This may be my favorite card Heather Schlatter has ever done - at least until the next one! It's a super cute image but her bright color choices really capture the eye. I'm a touchy-feel kinda girl and all the texture and interest on this card just has me itching  to actually run my fingers over it. (Ya'll are probably totally laughing right now --- but surely I'm not the ONLY  person who does this?) I also love the slightly tilted layout she used.

Silke Ledlow is one of those 'can't miss' blogs in my reader. I love her use of lots of white space. This card uses brown and orange and has the prettiest butterfly on it! A simple layout but the layers really work to frame the butterfly so perfectly!

Jessica G. is the artist behind this card. I linked to her blog from someplace else (not the blog hop it's a part of but thoroughly enjoyed discovering) this week. It's a new find for me and I really loved this card she created - it's magical! (pun totally intended) I love bright colors. I don't decorate with them and rarely use them in my own cardmaking, but I love, LOve, LOVE cards made with bright colors. This one has a crisp look to balance all the colors!

Next is a lovely card created by Sandra McLean. She used one of the new Tots from The Greeting Farm that I am just loving. She really brought this image to life and gave her some terrific personality. I know Sandra had nothing to do with her flower on the cap --- but isn't it terrific! Is it okay to wear one of those if you are 36? That's what I want to know! Sandra always pays such close attention to detail and this is no exception. Plus, when you visit, you'll get to see 2 other pretty cards in the same post!

Dawn Burnworth is incapable of making a card that is anything less than fantastic. Her creations always elicit oohs and aahs from me. This one in shades of brown and white had me a first glimpse. There is so much to see on this card - be sure to notice the embossing and the bits of glitter along the edges!

This card by Deb Felts has so many things that I love. Sheet music, a shabby-chic feel, ribbon, pearls and a bird. Totally into birds lately and wishing I was like my mom who can hear a bird and know exactly what it is!

I have not been keeping up with Patter Cross' His Holy Name challenge but I did see this creation and thought it was so lovely. Lots of things to love in this --- but especially the message and the verses that inspired it! Mainly I love that it shows a way to use those wonderful Websters Pages sheets. I wouldn't want to cut up such a pretty piece of art and what better way than to use lovely art than to glorify our Lord?

Silke Ledlow also created this card. It's not her usual style and You are in for such a treat of gorgeousness when you go see it! I think she totally rocked the vintage challenge on this creation! I especially love the big pearls, the cracked glass (oh what a wonderful techinque) and the lacing along the edge.

And this is my favorite card this week.

A tall and narrow card from Sherrie Siemens that shows amazing creativity! I love the chichiboulie flower girl in a flower. Such a brilliant idea! What else did I love? The kraft base, the decorative felt as the flower stem, the poppy girl in RED/PINK (such a great color combo on this entire card), her gorgeous coloring - but mostly I love that she was able to make a really creative card but still keep the focus on the image. It's absolutely beautiful!

As always, if you find something that you think is worthy of making the list, then please email me with a direct link --- you can find some info over there in the sidebar. And of course, if you don't want to be mentioned here or have a problem that I cropped your photo to share here, then please let me know and it will be removed. My intention is to lift you up!

Thanks so much to ALL stampers and papercrafters out there that share their lovely talents with us. Thanks to those of you that read this blog and share it with others!

May you have a beautiful week!


Deb said...

Cassie! I cannot express what an honor! I am so thrilled to be one of your picks of the week! I admire your stamping so much...just knowing that one of my cards *spoke* to you gives me great joy! {{hugs}} and gratitude!

Jessica G. said...

Thanks so much for listing me on your Top 10! You've really found some beautiful creations; what a great idea to showcase them and share the finds. I feel very honored to be included in this talented group!!

Sandra MacLean said...

Oh my gosh Cassie!!! I am just blown away that you thought my card worthy enough to be amongst these stand out cards!! THANK YOU! I will have to follow this blog so I can check out all the fab cards you've found! This is such a great idea Cassie. :)

Randi said...

Thanks Cassie! I feel so incredibly honored that you would pick my card to be amongst these incredibly talented gals! I think this blog is a wonderful idea! I love all of your picks for the week!! I enjoyed seeing them all!! I look forward to your next week of picks!! Thanks again!!

Silke Ledlow said...

AWWW - Cassie - thank you so much for making your fav list twiced!!! You totally made my day - thanks!!!
Love all the other cards have great taste GF!!! Hugs ~S~

Sherrie said..., I am blown away by the incredibly KIND things you had to say about my card....THANKYOU!
It was fun to see all your other picks this there are some beautiful designs here!